Captain Wayne standing atop the severed head of a Sunken Smasher and smirking at the camera
Captain Wayne: Vacation Desperation

Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation is an intense, bloody, fast-action Retro Shooter about the titular Captain Wayne. As Wayne, you’re equipped with a double barreled shotgun for an arm, countless explosives, and a bad attitude. It’s up to you to go toe-to-toe with the most ruthless mercenaries in all the seven-and-a-half seas, the Killer Whales, while laying waste to Orca Isle in your conquest to rob the rich to feed the badass!


Art Gallery

A rifleman walks down a pier, spinning his boat keys around his finger. Suddenly, he stops, and stares in shock. He sees his boat, being torn apart and pooped on by a flock of seagulls. We zoom in on his glare, whispering to himself and vowing revenge.
We see the Rifleman, later that day, walking down a hallway with a rifle in his hands. He bursts into the office of a seagull trainer, threatening to shoot him. Non-plussed, the bird trainer sends a seagull to attack the Rifleman, presumably blowing him up with a bottle of Boom Brew.A Bruiser is drinking rum alone in a dark room, illuminated by one lightbulb. In the distance, the Bruiser hears loud stomping. The Bruiser considers the stomping, thinking it's coming from Captain Wayne. The Bruiser realizes that if he is able to sneak up on Wayne and kill him, he would be showered with praise and riches. He giggles to himself and concocts a dastardly plan.
The Bruiser stands next to an open doorway, waiting for Wayne. However, we discover that the stomping is not from Wayne, as we see a Sunken Smasher stomping through the doorway. Not paying attention, the Bruiser punches the Smasher. The Smasher snaps towards the Bruiser, glaring deeply into his soul. The Bruiser can do nothing but sweat.
We then see the Bruiser, on the floor, torn in half like a piece of paper.The hand of an unknown Killer Whale leader points his wrinkly finger in a commanding fashion. The hand then holds a bag of animal feed over the head of a Rifleman, commanding the Rifleman to feed the animals around the complex.
The Rifleman feeds the seagulls, and is pecked and prodded by them.
The Rifleman feeds the Stranglerfish, and has his hand chomped by one of them. He yells and tries to remove his hand from the grasp of the Stranglerfish.
The Rifleman feeds the Jolting Jerries, and is shocked by one of them.
The Rifleman shows back up in front of the Killer Whale leader, confirming that he has finished the job. The leader seems unsatisfied, commanding that the job is not yet finished. The Rifleman seems confused, but then is snuck up on by EARL. EARL's nametag is changed to read "EAT".

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