Meet The Team!

A man in a skull mask, wearing a green wide-brimmed hat and a green trenchcoat decorated with pins.

Casen "[c]" Wiegman

Studio Head

Audio Director & Producer for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
6 Years Experience in Music & Sound Design
Favorite Games: Donkey Kong Country, Mother 1, Star Fox 64
Favorite Quote: "I'd live life to the fullest if I could, but then I'd have no room for dessert."

A bearded man in a long red jacket, wearing a pink captain's hat. A strange black cat with one eye is sitting on his shoulders.

Aidan "APY" Patrick

Creative Executive & Character Designer

Project Lead, Art Director & Co-Designer for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
8 Years Experience in Character & Game Design
Favorite Games: Super Mario 64, Half-Life, Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
Favorite Quote: "You will thrive the more aggressive you play."

A long-haired chubby man in a blue sailor's outfit.

Mason D. Beckler


Environment Artist & Co-Designer for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
5 Years Experience in Digital Art & Design
Favorite Games: Fallout, Pikmin, Metroid: Zero Mission
Favorite Quote: "The only way to succeed is to accept that failure is an inevitability."

A strange being with a long bean-shaped head, adorned with a skull helmet and skeleton themed decor. He is wearing a black and orange body suit. Two rocket launchers are rigged to his shoulders.

Vladislav "revenatn" Krasko


Programmer & Assistant Design for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
4 Years Experience in Game Design & Programming
Favorite Games: Serious Sam, DOOM, Blood
Favorite Quote: "I hate software. It always does what I tell it to do, not what I want it to do."

A girl with brown hair, wearing an orange skull mask. She is also dressed in a blue turtle neck and a sailor's hat.

Anna "Kromiecore" Bustos

Artist & Community Manager
( :] )

Cleanup Artist for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
3 Years of Formal Art Education
Favorite Games: Hollow Knight, LISA The Painful, Noita
Favorite Quote: "How long do I have to think of a quote?"

A person with long brown and dirty blonde hair, wearing a maroon cap and a red turtleneck.

Molly "voidbornflan" Gutierrez


Cutscene & Character Artist for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
3 Years Of Concept Art & Character Design Education
Favorite Games: Psychonauts 2, Beyond Good & Evil, Mass Effect 2
Favorite Quote: "Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong."

A blonde man with sharp teeth, adorned with anglerfish themed gear.

Noah "RainingKetchup" McAdams


Cutscene & Character Artist for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
3 Years Of Animation & Performing Arts Education
Favorite Games: LISA The Painful, Kirby Super Star, Plants Vs. Zombies
Favorite Quote: “Well that just happened!”

A strange blue octopus alien creature, wearing a fedora atop his antennae. He also has a maroon necktie wrapped around his head.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manager for: Captain Wayne - Vacation Desperation
4 Years Experience in Game Design & Quality Assurance
Favorite Games: Chulip, Pikmin 2, Rayman Origins
Favorite Quote: "My grandfather said this mummy is worth millions."

Featuring the voice talents of:

Chris Voiceman - Sunken Smasher, Trailer Announcer
Gianni Matragrano - EARL
Kimberly Sedono - Barbra McKraken

Our Namesake

Established in west-coast USA circa 2019, we named our studio after our Art Director's late, beloved Ciaran - a wise, clever little cat who always tagged along to witness his every adventure. With this, we hoped to honor his memory by sharing our own adventures with you.

A little black kitty cat sitting politely at a dinner table.

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